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Is it time for some new flooring for your home?  If so, your search ends here!  You have reached Home Remodeling DFW, and as floor installation experts, we serve Colleyville and a host of other communities within the vast DFW Metroplex.  Our company’s reputation is backed by our unquestioned integrity which is reflected by our standards of excellence regarding our flooring products, materials, and installation procedures.  We are seasoned professionals who take immense pride in turning home-renovation dreams into stunning realities.

Flooring can become a true focal point and create dynamic first impressions.  Home Remodeling DFW can address any vision you have in mind that might include luxurious vinyl planks to authentic hardwoods to tile, natural stone, or anything in between.  Sit down and chat with us regarding your project goals, space, and style.  Our dream team will introduce you to eye-candy options that are guaranteed to excite!

When selecting flooring material, it’s important to address:  1) how much traffic the floor will receive 2)  whether children and/or pets will use the floor on a regular basis 3)  how often the floor will be exposed to humidity and moisture and 4)  how easy the flooring material will be to maintain.  Our experts will give you insight on the pro’s and con’s of various flooring materials to ensure your selection makes you say:  Yes, that’s exactly what we want!

Bathroom Flooring – Oh, the Beautiful Choices!

When flooring is selected for bathrooms,  a number of gorgeous options are available that beautifully combat moisture and humidity and wear, like iron.  Ceramic or stone tile are top-tier contenders for dealing with high-moisture areas, and some tile designs mimic wooden planks, generating a warm, inviting ambiance.  Even specialized grout products have been engineered for wet areas and, impressively, repel water.

Concrete or stone are robust and can be sealed to prevent moisture absorption and are available in a multitude of subtle and striking colors, color combinations, and designs.  Then, there are bamboo and cork flooring options for bathrooms –  bamboo is gorgeous and looks amazingly similar to wood and is hard and durable.  Cork offers a softer, warmer feel on bare feet and, just like bamboo, cork is resistant to mold, mildew & bacteria and, naturally, blocks moisture.

Your Flooring Choices are Dazzling!

Flooring lays the foundation, literally, for the entire look of a room.  Color, style, texture, and pattern combine to offer beauty, mood, and function as well as increased value in one’s home.  The materials and designs are incredibly varied, and we can help you select the type of flooring that suits your needs and preferences.  With Home Remodeling DFW, you can select:

***  true nail-down hardwood floors, in a variety of widths

***  wood flooring that is hand-scraped or intentionally aged

***  wood flooring in any stain color, finish or sheen

***  engineered wood floors, including glued-down or floating varieties

***  tile, natural stone, stained concrete, epoxy coatings, and plush carpet

You want your flooring to compliment your personality and cater to your lifestyle.   We, at Home Remodeling DFW, want you to fall in love with the renewed look and feel your new flooring will create – that is what makes us happy!

Why Select Home Remodeling DFW for Your Flooring Installation?

We hope you choose Home Remodeling DFW for your new flooring installation not just because your search led you to us but, rather, due to our company’s principles and professionalism.

*** We maintain a coveted A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau – the highest rating a business can earn.

***  We have been in the construction business for more than 20 years.

***  We offer combined experience of more than a half-century.

***  We employ registered and insured contractors.

***  We have the capacity to address any project, regardless of size or scope.

***  We use the highest-quality products and promote uncompromising craftsmanship.

***  We are transparent – our reputation rests on our company’s caliber of integrity and dependability.  In fact, we proudly accepted the Angie’s List ‘SUPER SERVICE’ AWARD two years in a row.

***  We, typically, require no money down, to start, and we offer manufacturer warranties and additional warranties on all completed projects.

***  We are customer-centric – we never forget that our customers are the life-blood of our success, and we strive to be continually responsive to every patron’s desires and expectations.

Home Remodeling DFW offers its expertise in other types of home/business construction/beautification endeavors –  bathrooms, siding, fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, patio covers, and much more.  Whatever construction/remodeling projects our patrons can imagine, Home Remodeling DFW can create them!

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