Interior Painting & Stain Contractor Hurst, Texas

Welcome to Home Remodeling DFW!  If sprucing up your home or business’  interior is on your agenda, we can help!  Our reputation as remodeling specialists is well-known in Hurst and other communities we serve, throughout the entire DFW metroplex.

Here is a brief overview of what we can do for your interior painting or staining needs:

***  apply enamels, lacquers, and stains on all types of woodwork and cabinetry

***  apply acrylic finish coatings for wall and ceiling sheet-rock

***  apply sheens, faux finishing, and glazing on woodwork, cabinetry, and sheet-rock

***  apply stains and UV-protective sun-proofing materials to decks, fences, arbors, pergolas, and any other outdoor structures

If finishing raw or pre-finished wood is a part of your project, we will strip existing finishes, sand, putty, and apply pre-stain treatments – let’s just say, we do it all!  We use oil or lacquer-based stains to ensure maximum quality, and we use sand sealer to ensure optimum durability and a pristine finish.   Applying a sand sealer to a raw project is a great way to seal the surface and allow the final topcoat to lay on the wood more smoothly, and achieve a perfected, flawless luster.

If You are in the Mood for Something Exquisite

There are times when customers have a desire to go above and beyond traditional painting or staining – they will request what is called a ‘faux finish’.  Faux finishes are decorative paint finishes that gorgeously replicate the appearance of stone, wood, or marble, for example, with not only color but with texture, as well.

Various forms of faux finishes can be added to plain walls or woodwork to achieve an entirely new personality with eye-catching aesthetics:  1)  marbleizing uses plaster or glazing to achieve a marble appearance 2)  fresco adds color plus subtle texture 3) graining mimics wood grains and 4)  Venetian plaster offers a smooth finish yet appears textured.  Other forms of faux finishing are available, and they all have one commonality:  they make walls or woodwork look absolutely warm, inviting, and intriguing!

Why Select Home Remodeling DFW for Your Interior Painting/Staining?

If someone were to ask you why you are choosing Home Remodeling DFW for your painting and staining projects, we hope you would share some facts about our company that continue to give our customers faith in who we are and what we do.  For example:

*** We maintain a coveted A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau – the highest rating a business can earn.

***  We have been in the construction business for more than 20 years.

***  We offer combined experience of more than a half-century.

***  We employ registered and insured contractors.

***  We have the capacity to address any project, regardless of size or scope.

***  We use the highest-quality products and promote uncompromising craftsmanship.

***  We are transparent – our reputation rests on our company’s caliber of integrity and dependability.  In fact, we proudly accepted the Angie’s List ‘SUPER SERVICE’ AWARD two years in a row.

***  We, typically, require no money down, to start, and we offer manufacturer warranties and additional warranties on all completed projects.

***  We are customer-centric – we never forget that our customers are the life-blood of our success, and we strive to be continually responsive to every patron’s desires and expectations.

Home Remodeling DFW specializes in other types of home/business construction/beautification endeavors –  bathrooms, siding, fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, patio covers, flooring, and so much more.  Whatever construction/remodeling projects you might have in mind, Home Remodeling DFW truly IS your one-stop source for all your home-upgrade needs!

Give Us a Call!

Call Home Remodeling DFW, today, and we’ll answer any questions you have concerning your painting/staining/finishing work – no job is too big or too small.  Don’t forget to schedule a free estimate!  You can reach our Hurst, TX office at 817-454-4466.